Friday, November 25, 2016

Setting Up Christmas

It's Christmas time!!

I hope your Thanksgiving was wonderful! Since moving away from family we have always had Thanksgiving with friends. This year with having a new baby, we decided to keep it small and just do it with our little family. As always, we missed being with our families, but had a great time preparing and eating the food and spending time with each other!

This year we decorated for Christmas a lot earlier than we normally do because of having my mother-in-law here to help with the boys. Now we have four whole weeks to enjoy it before we head out to be with our families for the break!
When we first started putting the ornaments on the tree, I realized it was going to take a lot longer than I thought, especially with a toddler wanting to do most of it. Then I noticed how much fun B was having and that anxiousness went away and I started to enjoy myself more! 

B loved putting the ornaments around the bottom of the tree. We eventually spread them out more during his nap, but he quickly noticed what we had done when he woke up! Every day more ornaments seem to be at the bottom of the tree and we all know who's doing it!

I hope your holidays are off to a great start!
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