Sunday, November 11, 2018

Life Lately

Wow! It has been a while since I've been on here! It was so nice to take a break, but I keep having this nagging feeling that I'm needing to post more on here.

Many things have been going on with our family this summer and fall: We traveled to Utah and Idaho for a wedding and to visit family, B took swimming lessons and was so brave, we explored Rhode Island, Maine, and New Hampshire, and spent many hours in the sun!

B started kindergarten in September and E has been loving his time with me at home!

My husband's schedule this residency year (so far) has been very chill and he's been around so much more! That will be changing the beginning of the year, but we are trying to soak it all in now!

Last but not least, we found out this summer that Baby #3 is joining our family in early March 2019 and it's a GIRL!!! We are so excited!

I hope to share more about this pregnancy and our lives in the coming weeks!

Saturday, June 23, 2018

First Year of Residency

I wrote the following post a year ago....

Brenen officially starts residency on Saturday and so I thought I would write down what I think it will be like and then compare it with what it's really like a year from now!

It will definitely be hard and I will probably feel like a single parent most days. We probably won't eat many meals together and there will be Sundays I have to go to church by myself with the boys. I need to stay positive and supportive of Brenen, especially on the days where he says he'll be home at a certain time and two hours later he's walking through the door exhausted. I need to be a good mom for the boys and get out and take them places- (playgrounds, walks, beach, play dates).

Writing all of this is making me really sad and almost bringing me to tears, but it will all be worth it in four years. We just have to always say our prayers, read scriptures, and go to the temple.


 The first year of residency was SO.HARD, but we got through it! Everything that I thought would be hard was and so much more. It's so crazy to think that we've been in Boston one year! I have grown so much and surprised myself in so many ways. I know a huge part of that has been from taking care of myself (exercising) and getting my anxiety under control (medicine and therapy).

Brenen is so, so, SO glad to never have to repeat this year! He's gone through a lot, with people being rude and jerks to him, working long hours (120 hour/weeks), loosing 15 pounds his first month, not knowing when he'll eat that day, bike seats being stolen, giving a stranger a ride at 2:00am, assisting countless surgeries, me reading test questions to him on the phone as he drives to the hospital and barely finishing it with 20 minutes to spare, and becoming a pro at stitching up facial wounds.

1 year down, 3 more to go!!

Friday, May 11, 2018

Links I Love {37}

Yesterday we spent the morning at the Public Gardens and they were gorgeous! Seriously if you ever come to Boston, Springtime is so pretty and it’s not too hot!

ONE // I just got this shirt from Gap and I know I'll be living in it these warmer months! It's thick enough to not need an undershirt and the sleeves are a perfect length!

TWO // We did this science experiment at preschool this week and the kids loved it!

THREE // These sandals have also been a staple for me ever since the weather has warmed up!

FOUR // If you listen to any podcast I recommend this is the one to! It's so important for everyone to listen to! 

FIVE // B has started requesting meals for dinner and Trader Joe's Orange Chicken is always at the top of his list!

Happy Friday!

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Thursday, May 3, 2018

Three Things

1)Said his first word a couple weeks ago! It was "Mama"! 
2)Taking his pants off himself is a new trick!
3)Loves being outside, sliding on slides, and chasing birds!

1)Blanket capes are a recent trend on him!
2)He makes everything a race and always wants to win!
3)Such a great helper! I'll never put the silverware away for a long time!;)

1)Just got his schedule for 2nd year of residency and we will be seeing him so much more starting this summer!
2)Is two months away from being done with intern year! Hooray!
3)I've probably mentioned this a ton but he's so glad to be done with this year of residency!

1)Excited to see most of our families this summer!
2)Got a pedicure (I haven't gotten one in at least four years!) with my sister in law a couple weeks ago and I can't stop thinking how amazing it felt and looked!
3)I'm on week 7 of the Kayla Itsines BBG workouts and it's the first workout program I've actually enjoyed doing!