Friday, October 7, 2016

Links I Love {13}

Thanks to everyone who recommended strollers and baby wraps in the comments of yesterday's post. They were all very helpful and I've already started researching which ones to get! 

I have mixed emotions about this weekend because it's our last weekend with just the three of us because my Mom comes into town next weekend to be here for the baby. We have some exciting things planned that include going to look at toy trains at the store and eating ice cream, all of which B picked to do!

ONE // I want my toenails to look great in the delivery room, so my friend kindly offered to paint them yesterday! I had her do blue glitter toes because I'm having a boy and who knows when this baby will come, so I now know they will last the next three weeks!

TWO // Lately I have been a little worried about the transition from one to two kids. I read this article this week and it made me feel a little better because we have been doing some of the things already.

THREE //  I am on the lookout for a good BB cream or foundation.....I have been using this one and it feels like it never fully soaks into my skin all the way. I do have normal/dry skin, so it's not like it's oily even without on.

Happy Friday!

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