Monday, June 26, 2017

Camping in Vermont

Two weekends ago we went on our first camping trip as a family of four!

We left on Friday afternoon thinking we would get there with at least two hours of daylight, but because of traffic it took an hour longer than we expected. We ended up stopping to eat and also had to give Baby E a diaper change. He was so happy to be out of his seat!

This was our first time to Vermont! We also had to drive through New Hampshire, so we got to check two states off our list!

We camped at a church camp called Camp Joseph. It was literally right next to the birthplace of Joseph Smith Jr!

We couldn't park the car by the camp sites so they had these cool carts to use!

B loved the fire and eating marshmallows:)

There was a huge grassy area, so on Saturday we played spike ball and kickball. Then played in the pond and rode in the canoe. There were also so many ticks at this place-so gross! One fell off of me onto Baby E in our tent and luckily I found it, but I still itch when I think of it!

After playing in the water, we drove an hour to the Ben & Jerry's Factory. 
Isn't Vermont so pretty?!?!

We took a tour and ate yummy ice cream!

On Sunday we went to church, then packed up camp. We stopped at the Joseph Smith Memorial on the way out.

It is 38 1/2 feet tall, one foot for every year of the prophet's life. 
 We'll be back Vermont!

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