Friday, April 17, 2015

Fashion Friday// Sandals

Happy Friday! 
As I was looking for sandals for this post I came across these...

I may be the weird one, but I would never wear these shoes!

I'm more for these types of sandals. Options #2 & 4 are my favorite!

I have been loving this song lately!
On Wednesday my husband's school had a talent and skit night at the Byrd Theater. It was fun but I was mostly in awe over the actual theater. It was gorgeous and I felt like we were in another time period! 

We don't buy ice cream and make cookies or brownies much, because we will eat them all in a few days! 
Lately I've been wanting this AMAZING ice cream so my hubby made a deal with me that if I work out every day this week(Monday-Friday) then I can get some! I'll definitely be eating this all weekend:)

My Husband and I are on Day 8 of this ab challenge. I feel like it's a pretty good one and it doesn't take up too much time. Hopefully we will see some results once it's over!

Have a wonderful weekend! Stop back in on Monday to see what we did to celebrate our anniversary!

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  1. I love that it's time for sandal season!! We've been on a huge ice cream kick lately too.. which is unusual for us!

  2. Good luck with the ab challenge! The plank is so hard for me but it's totally worth the struggle!

  3. I have those mossimo sandals and I LOVE them!! K and random but my brother just graduated from dental school last May! You remind me of his cute wife :) It will be so exciting when he graduates and gets to work in an office, yay!!

    Lovely Little Rants

    1. You are so sweet! I just blog/Instagram stalked you and I love your blog and wood signs! So cute!

  4. Mmm chocolate peppermint crunch?! Yes, please!

  5. Love those glitter Mossimo sandals!!
    Chocolate Peppermint Crunch sounds like the BEST reward!! :)

  6. chocolate peppermint crunch!? say no more! xoxo thanks for linking up again this week!!

  7. I love old fashioned theaters. Aren't they beautiful?? And I really like all 4 of your sandals picks! I just realized all of mine from last year look so rough and tired. Ready for an update! Hope you had a wonderful weekend, and thanks for linking up at H54F!!

    Katie @ Cup of Tea