Friday, March 20, 2015

Fashion Friday// Cardigans

Earlier this week Baby B and I went to the park and it was great weather! After the park we stopped at the store to get some groceries. Once we got home, I took Baby B inside and shut the door just enough to not lock myself out and ran back to  the car to get the food.
While grabbing the bags I look up to see the front door open and Baby B face planting to the ground! I watched to see if he was going to start crying, but he got up and kept on going down the sidewalk towards the car.
I had three bags and two gallons of milk in my arms and quickly grabbed Baby B's hand to guide him to the house.
He would not have that! He wanted to stay outside. I dropped the food inside the door and carried my screaming child back inside! He is starting to have an opinion more and more everyday!
Hopefully in the coming weeks we will have warmer weather so I can have more fun experiences with Baby B outside;)
 But for now here are some Friday Favorites// cardigans, each under $25, to keep you warm until then!


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