Friday, October 21, 2016

Links I Love {15}

Hello everyone!

 Sorry for the silence over here. My Mom is in town for this little baby, who is still being stubborn and not coming. My body isn't progressing anymore from where it was three weeks ago, so we have found some recipes to try, projects to work on, and lots of walking planned until he finally decides to come!

The weather has been in the 80's this week, so out came the shorts again for B!

ONE // I keep seeing lace with sweaters this season and I love it! HERE and HERE are some of my favorite and budget friendly options!

TWO // I usually don't buy Rice Krispies cereal, but I had a rebate for them on my Ibotta app so I decided to buy them and we are going to make these cute pumpkins!

THREE // Speaking of unhealthy food, this week we also made my annual pumpkin roll and it is so yummy!!

FOUR // Last food link.....I came across these Crispy and Baked Toasted Raviolis and it's one of the recipes we are going to try this next week!

Happy Friday!!

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Friday, October 14, 2016

Links I Love {14}

We made it to Friday and I'm still pregnant....I just turned 38 weeks and yes I know that's still early and I still have two weeks until my due date, I was just expecting to have this baby early like B. Until then we will keep enjoying our time as a family of three!

We had some great kite flying weather last weekend! It was the first time we had flown a kite with B and he thought it was so cool!

ONE // It's never too soon to start thinking about decorations for your Thanksgiving table! I made these adorable turkeys at a church activity this week and they would be perfect for anyone you have around your table!

TWO // I found this black light lemonade on one of my favorite blogs and it looks like a great drink for any Halloween party!

THREE // We turned on our heater for the first time this fall! I love the cold and it got me excited to wear more layers. I keep seeing Aztec prints on cardigans and I can't wait to find a good deal on one! Here are some cute options I've found- HERE and HERE!

Happy Friday!

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Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Wright Brother's Memorial

One of the reasons we chose to come to Virginia for dental school, was all of the sights we could see while living here! 

If you love history and are in the Outer Banks, North Carolina area you need to make a stop at The Wright Brothers Memorial. It was cool to see the exact spot where the first flights took off and where they worked so hard to make their dream a reality.  

After we went there I came home and read their biography, which gave so many more details of their life before and after their first flight!
The plaque above says:"When the Wright brothers were here, Big King Devil Hill-the hill in front of you-was a massive sand dune. Thousands of times, the brothers trekked up this and three nearby dunes to conduct glider experiments.
Climbing the hill was strenuous. Deep, soft sand caused every step up the slope to slip part-way back down. The Wrights were also burdened with carrying their heavy gliders up the hill for each flight. Their tireless efforts paid off as they mastered their flying skills and refined their flight controls."

Statue of the airplane flown

From this spot their were four flights that took off on December 17, 1903.
 The first was 12 seconds and flew 120 feet,
the second was 12 seconds and flew 175 feet,
the third was 15 seconds and flew 200 feet,
and the fourth was 59 seconds and flew 852 feet.
Happy Travels!

Monday, October 10, 2016

Pregnancy Update {37 Weeks}

I'm still pregnant over here so I thought I'd give you an update!
Secretly I'm hoping this baby comes this week because 1) I had B when I was this far along and 2) It's the best week for my husband.
 I guess time will tell!

How far along? 37 Weeks 2 Days

Total weight gain: 25 + pounds and still gaining about a pound a week. I'm getting excited to be able to work out again. I wanted to keep up with it while pregnant, but with being sick it hasn't happened.

Maternity clothes? Definitely! Skirts are the most comfortable thing right now.

Stretch Marks? Yes, on the sides of my stomach.

Sleep: I wake up a couple times at night but sometimes it's hard to get back to sleep.

Best moment this week: Getting my hair done, waxing my eyebrows and lip, and painting my nails- I'm ready whenever the baby is!

Miss anything? Being able to cuddle in bed with my husband without my belly in the way!

Movement: All the time! But mostly at night.

Food cravings: This last week was no-bake cookies! So yummy!

Anything make you queasy or sick? Only when I don't eat every hour.

Gender: Boy!

Labor signs: Some cramping and Braxton hicks. I am dilated to a 1 and 50% effaced, so my body is getting ready!

Belly button in or out? It's pretty flat right now, so it makes me wonder how it will be after birth.

Wedding rings on or off? On, but it leaves a mark if taken off.

Happy or moody most of the time: I've been a lot more emotional the past few weeks and needing to be more patient with people. But we are very excited for the baby to come!

Looking forward to: Seeing what this baby looks like! I just assume that he'll look and act like B.

Pregnancy Update {34 Weeks}
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