Thursday, February 15, 2018

Three Things

Baby E:
1) Has discovered a love for fruit snacks and carries the Costco sized box around until he gets one! 
2) Cannot be left in a room alone because he climbs on everything or destroys whatever he gets his hands on!
3) Favorite toys are Legos and anything B is playing with! There's so much fighting happening over here.

1) Can write his name!
2) Raisins are his new favorite fruit/snack.
3) Is always showing people who come over his muscles and how strong he is!

1) Made B some armor (helmet, shield, sword) out of cardboard that B loves.
2) Has become obsessed with fitness again. (This happens every couple months.) If only he had enough time to workout regularly.
3) Enjoys cooking/baking and loves to try new recipes.

1) Loves watching the Olympics!
2) Ready to start wearing shorts and sandals.
3) Hair is long enough to fit in a ponytail. I can't decide if I should cut it or let it keep growing?!? Help me!

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

A Lesson Learned

Sweater - Kohl's (Sold out)
Pants - Primark
Shoes - Similar

Photos by Kristina Sponseller

This post has nothing to do with these pictures! I just love this sweater and had to share it with you all!

Yesterday I had good intentions to workout and was only ten minutes in when Baby E dropped a weight on my ring finger. I cried for a good ten minutes. It hurt so bad! 

My finger swelled up and bruised pretty quickly so I decided to go to the doctor and make sure it wasn't broken. It was kind of a wasted appointment because there's not much they can do unless the swelling doesn't go down, then I have to go back in for an x-ray.

So lesson learned is to not workout while Baby E is awake and keep all weights far away from him!

Monday, February 12, 2018

We are their everything...

There have been days lately where I've struggled being a happy mom. It's a job I've always wanted and I'm so grateful for the title of Mom, but it's hard. It's tiring-both mentally and physically. Sick days don't exist and cleaning up messes happen multiple times a day. 

I first came across this quote a year or so ago and stumbled upon it again last week:

What a great reminder this is! 

Happy Monday!

Thursday, February 8, 2018

Valentine's Decor {Boston}

As promised, here's a look at our Boston apartment decorated for Valentine's Day! Most things are made by myself or friends!

I intended for these candies to last a couple years (as decorations), but Baby E discovered them and asks for them multiple times a day!

I always leave my Christmas cards up until after Valentine's Day because they are from people we love!

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