Wednesday, March 22, 2017

What I Wore

Today I'm linking up with The Pleated Poppy and showing you what I've been wearing lately!

 Last week our family took turns being sick and I only left the house a couple of times so enjoy a lot of momiforms!;) The items that are still available are linked!

LipSense- 1 layer Sheer Pink, 2 layers Bravo

window pane top (in white) Black (similar, similar) // leggings 

Floral Top (similar, similar) One of my favorites for early Spring!

Kiss Me Katie LipSense - Such a pretty color for Spring!

Rock and Republic Jeans // Ankle Booties (similar)

Comfiest tee (On sale under $10) // Leggings // Vinylux: Cake Pop
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Monday, March 20, 2017

Spring Wishlist

It's officially Spring!! 

These three pieces are very high on my Spring Wishlist and I had to share them with you all!

one // These are the cheaper version of these shoes. They are so adorable!

two // As I've said before I am loving the look of peplum tops and I found these ones for under $15!!

three // These pep toe booties are so cute and can go with so many outfits! They are on Amazon for under $20!

What's on your wishlist for this time of year?

Sunday, March 19, 2017

365 Days of Lindsey {Week 11}

My brother and his wife arrived last night to hang out with us for their Spring Break! We have some fun things planned and I'll share pictures from that later this week! Until then, here's pictures from last week!

Day 71:
Happy Sunday

Day 72:
I love going up to B's room during his nap to check on him and see who has joined him in bed. #naptimediaries

Day 73:
My little laundry helper that doesn't mess up my piles!

Day 74:
I spy a tiny faux hawk that I'm obsessed with! #babyhairsonfleek

Day 75:
I heart freshly painted nails and leggings! #momiform

Day 76:
Wearing our green for St. Patty's Day!

Day 77:
The trees are getting leaves just in time for Spring!

Thursday, March 16, 2017

A Day in the Life

I've been wanting to do a post like this for a while and I finally got around to it! 

This is from Tuesday of this week and is what a day spent at home usually looks like.

3:30am Baby E wakes up to eat.

6:38 Baby E is up again to eat after being restless the past three hours. He goes back to sleep. 

7:50 We're all up! B eats breakfast and watch cartoons. I read my scriptures and publish a blog post. 
8:50 Try to put Baby E down for a nap (which didn't happen), make the bed, and put on exercise clothes.

9:15 Exercise! I usually do an ab workout and some sort of cardio/arms/legs workout on YouTube. (Baby E is usually asleep while I exercise but today he cried for most of it.)
9:35 Feed Baby E and eat my snack of apples and peanut butter.
10:10 Boys are dressed and I shower.

11:00 Baby E is down for a nap, B is playing with trucks, a load of laundry is in, and I do my makeup.
11:25 Puzzle time with B.

11:50 Train puzzle is finished and it's lunch time!
12:00pm Baby E wakes up and gets a diaper change. We finish eating and B gets a little Ipad time while I feed Baby E.
1:10 B goes down for his nap, I fold some laundry, answer emails, and look at blogs. Baby E takes a nap too.

3:15 Fold more laundry

3:25 Feed Baby E
3:40 B wakes up and watches another show while I get Baby E's next size of clothes out (6 months)
4:15 I get out a letter tracing book to see how B does with it and it doesn't go well. Haha maybe in a few months:) So we color instead!
(This time of day I'm usually going crazy and counting the minutes until my husband to get home, but this day he had to stay after so I still have a few hours by myself)
5:00 We listen to music and B wants us to dance.

5:15 I start dinner
5:30 Baby E goes down for his third nap and B is playing well by himself.

6:05 Baby E wakes up and B and I are eating dinner.

6:25 Feed Baby E and he only nurses for a couple minutes and witching hour starts!
6:35 Train puzzle round 2! (At this point I'm going crazy and ready for bedtime, I also did not want to do that puzzle again!)
7:10 Clean up and PJ time

7:25 Baby E finally eats well and it's his last feeding for the night. Goes to sleep right after.

7:52 B is in bed (Happy dance!)

8:02 Hubby's home! We talk, watch a show, and eat a treat.
10:30 Bedtime

There's our day! Hopefully it gives you a good idea what it's like with a three year old and five month old!