Friday, September 22, 2017

It's Finally Fall Ya'll!

Gingham Top - J. Crew
Cardigan - Target
Jeans - Kohl's (Similar)
Sunglasses - Primark (Similar)
Booties - Kohl's

Gingham Top - J. Crew
Cardigan - Target
Jeans - Kohl's (Similar)
Sunglasses - Primark (Similar)
Booties - Kohl's

Happy First Day of Fall!! 

It's officially here and I'm really happy about it! 

I'm also really glad it's Friday. I'm having a tough time with B asking me so many questions all.the.time! It wouldn't be so bad except I don't know how to answer most of them! haha I know I will miss this stage once it's over but I'm having to pray for extra patience multiple times a day!

Today my Friday favorites are the items that make my favorite fall outfit!

Long Cardigans.
 Button Up Tops.

You can't get more fall than that! Layering is the best way to deal with the cool mornings and warm afternoons.

I hope you all have an amazing weekend! We'll be over here hanging with my hubby and hoping he doesn't get called in!

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Wednesday, September 20, 2017

It Came and Went So Quickly #vacationweek

Why do vacations have to end?!? 

Seriously though, if my husband didn't have to work and we had an endless amount of money wouldn't that be great!! haha I can dream;)

We started our vacation week with building Legos at the library. B and my hubby had a good time building things while I chased Baby E around and made sure he didn't destroy any books! 

Then that night we dropped the boys off at the babysitters and went out on a date! We went to Tenoch Mexican in the North End. I had the Carne Asada Tacos and they were delicious! We saw the Cookie Monstah truck while we were walking to dinner and I knew my husband needed to try them! (I had had them one time before.) It was such a good food night with my favorite person!

We decided to go to Cape Cod for part of our vacation week because everyone talks about it and we needed to check it out for ourselves! We were told the Whydah Pirate Museum was good, so that was our first stop. This 1717 sunken pirate ship was discovered in 1984.

Then we went to Seagull Beach which is on the outer side (ocean side) of The Cape. It was pretty windy but the boys had fun in the sand!
After the beach we went to Lobster Pot and ate baked lobster and clam chowder! We don't really love eating seafood but we have to take advantage of it while we live here!

The next day we hung out at Mayflower Beach. It was the prettiest beach I've ever been to! The sand was perfect, the water was a good temperature, and there was a slight breeze. This beach was on the inner side of The Cape.

We started out pretty close to the water and by the time we left we had to move at least 100 feet back because of the tide rising.

The cottage we were staying at had so many beach toys that we were told we could use! B loved the wagon!

B stayed pretty clean and Baby E was COVERED in sand! It's so interesting to see the differences in their personalities come out!
After playing at the beach we went to dinner and called it a day!

The next day, on our way home from The Cape, we stopped in Plymouth, MA to see Plymouth Rock. We didn't stay long because we really only stopped to see the rock!
Favorite parts of the trip:
Brenen- Loved seeing and touching real pirate silver
Lindsey- Mayflower Beach
B- Playing with a spinner at the cottage:)
Baby E- Eating sand

What a great week!
 We are counting down the days until the next one! April can't come soon enough!

Monday, September 18, 2017

Ties for all Occasions

We had a great week with my husband being home and sadly now it's back to work. I'll be sharing the highlights a little later this week, but for now I wanted to share another shop that I found and love- frank & buck!

B has been into wearing ties to church the past couple months and I think little boys in ties are so adorable! These cotton ties are such good quality and they have the best prints!

These would be such a fun gift for any man in your life! B and my hubby approve!:)

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Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Three Things

Baby E:
1) Has been walking for a couple weeks!!

2) Started climbing onto stools and B's bed. We have to watch him like a hawk!

3) Is very vocal when he wants food and is always laughing at himself.

1) Could play in the kitchen sink with the water and dishes for hours.

2) Is hungry all.the.time! I need filling snack ideas ASAP!

3) Loves giving Baby E hugs and helping him walk around the house.

1) Is enjoying this rotation a lot more than the last. Probably because it's what he's wanting to do when he gets done with residency.

2) Is on vacation this week! WooHoo!! (They are scheduled out each year.)

3) Loves not having to worry about being paged this week!

1) I love that I'm able to breastfeed my babies easily, but I'm getting ready to be done once Baby E turns a year in a little over a month. I'm really excited to wear dresses again!

2) I got my teeth cleaned yesterday and it kind of hurt, but it was great being able to lay there without anyone yelling or crying at me! haha

3) I decorated for fall and I'm so excited for the new season and all that it brings.

Like I said above, my husband is on vacation so I'm going to take a blogging break for the rest of the week!

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