Thursday, October 19, 2017

Three Things

Hey friends!

It's that time again for another update on our family of four!
Baby E:
1) Is in the process of getting weaned from breastfeeding. I'm having mixed feeling about it but hopefully it means him sleeping through the night!

2) Got his third haircut last week. If you remember he was born with dark hair and now has the blondest hair possible!

3) Turns one on Tuesday and still has zero teeth!

1) Finds any excuse to not nap or go to bed! haha His most popular excuse is that he's hungry!

2) Can't get enough of watching PJ Masks and his favorite movie is Trolls!

3) Is so helpful with Baby E and loves to try to pick him up!

1) Sleeps whenever he can!

2) Ate one meal with us last week:(

3) Wishes he was home more!

1) Colored someone's hair pink yesterday! It turned out awesome!

2) Love watching the boys play together more and more!

3) Can't wait for Baby E's birthday next week!

Tuesday, October 17, 2017

Hard is Good!

Top- Kohl's
Black Jeans- Primark
Shoes- Old (Similar)
Bag- Old

I recently listened to this talk and the main thing I got out of it is doing hard things is GOOD!

Of course nobody likes having to do things that are hard and uncomfortable, but for some reason lately I've been realizing that by doing and going through these challenging experiences I've grow so much more and become the wife/mother/woman I want to be! Without these experiences I may not be that same person, I'm not saying that I'm perfect, far from it in fact, I'm just saying that I'm better and more capable than I was before. 

 It has been amazing to reflect back over the last year or so and see how far I've come in my personal growth by doing some hard things.

We all have our own levels of hard and it’s never good to compare your trials. So don’t even try to wonder why someone’s trial seems easier than yours!

One of my favorite parts of the talk is this:
"In the world of nature, hard is part of the circle of life. It is hard for a baby chick to hatch out of that tough eggshell. But when someone tries to make it easier, the chick does not develop the strength necessary to live. In a similar way, the struggle of a butterfly to escape the cocoon stregthens it for the life it will live. Through these examples, we see that hard is the constant! We all have challenges. The variable is our reaction to the hard."

In my recent growth what has made the biggest difference to me is trying to react more positively to the hard situations! 

I have to end with this amazing quote by Thomas S. Monson:
“May we ever choose the harder right instead of the easier wrong.”

Love you guys!

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Friday, October 13, 2017

Pumpkin Patch + Links I Love {27}

This fall has been the first time in four years that we've felt the crisp mornings and warm afternoons. It's been so great! In Virginia we still had our AC going all the time this time of year. We are definitely meant to live somewhere with cooler weather. (I might regret saying that in a couple months!)

This week we headed to a farm for B's first hayride and pumpkin patch experience! It was an hour drive and I thought I would have some quiet time, but B was so excited he didn't stop talking the entire way! Haha I love that kid!:)

ONE // I haven't crafted in so long. I can't even remember the last thing I made. That's all going to change in a couple weeks when I make this with my sister-in-laws! I.can't.wait!!

TWO // I know I keep talking about Primark and I wish they had a website with everything they have in their stores. I went on Saturday and found the best gray sweater! Here's a similar option for those of you looking for one! 

THREE // I've never had issues with any of my Shein purchases until recently. I bought this romper to wear over my swimsuit. I got it in the mail and it was tiny! I couldn't even get it past my knees! haha

FOUR // Don't forget to enter the $75 PinkBlush giveaway!

Happy Friday!!

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Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Fall Florals + a Giveaway!

Dress c/o PinkBlush
You guys! How can a year go by so fast! Baby E will be turning one in a couple weeks and I'm in denial that he's that old! On the other hand I'm hoping he continues to outgrow his crying. Haha

Church has been quite the adventure with this little guy. On Sunday I set him down and no more than ten seconds later he was gone! Everyone around us were searching for him and he had crawled under the pews to the very back of the chapel! He's trouble I'm telling you!

I'm always considering comfort when I'm picking out what to wear to church because I know I won't be sitting the whole time with this boy! PinkBlush has so many amazing options of dresses that are comfortable and pretty.  They are my favorite for Sundays that my husband is on call and I'm getting the boys ready myself.

Head on over to my Instagram to enter to win a $75 gift card to Pink Blush!

Happy hump day!

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