Thursday, January 19, 2017

Tips for Flying with a Newborn & Toddler

Our trip out West for Christmas break was the first time flying with two kids and let me tell you-It's a lot harder and different than with one! Each way we had one four hour flight, a layover, and then an hour flight. The four hour flight was the hardest, because we all were getting restless and ready to be at our destination.
During these flights I took some notes on tips that I thought would be helpful to someone else who may have to fly with a newborn and toddler in the near future!

-Dress baby in dark clothes in case of blowouts to prevent staining. Baby E had a blowout flying there and one on the flight back. I brought a plastic bag for the soiled clothes and washed them out later. I intentionally put him in dark clothes and they didn't get stained, even after the poop being on it for several hours!

-Dress yourself in dark clothes in case of spills or other matter (poop) getting on your clothes. This saved me because on the flight out to our families, Baby E was being the messiest eater and I had breast milk all over my shirt! Thankfully it was dark blue and you couldn't really tell from afar! Also if a blowout happens on you, it won't stain as easily.

-Get on the plane first and let your toddler play and get their wiggles out. In my last traveling tips post for a two year old I suggested to get on the plane last. Well with a newborn in tow we decided to get on first and get our stroller and kids situated. This also gave B time to explore before we had to take off!

-Bring lots of snacks! Of course we needed to keep B and ourselves happy with food. Plus it was great to bribe him with fun snacks like fruit roll ups because we normally don't eat those at home!

-Bring headphones for toddler and yourself. The long flight we went on had TVs to watch and this kept B's attention span the longest. Sometimes they offer headphones to buy, but it's better to be prepared!

-Wear easy to nurse in clothes. You definitely want to be easily accessible for the baby, so I found it easiest to wear a shirt that didn't require an undershirt. I wore a cardigan over it to layer and to help cover up.

What tips do you have for traveling with two young kids?? I'd love to know!

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Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Things to Do & See in Washington DC

Now that the holidays are over we like to plan what we will be doing for spring and summer break! This year's break will mostly consist of moving but last summer we did a lot of sight seeing with my family when they came out to visit us.

  Since we only live two hours away from Washington DC we have visited many times and have our favorite places to take visitors. We always look at the monuments outside which typically takes a minimum of two to three hours depending how fast of walkers you are!

If you are going for just a day, here are the monuments you must see!
The White House
Lincoln Memorial
Washington Monument
WWII Memorial

The White House

Lincoln Memorial

Looking across the WWII Memorial to the Washington Monument
It's so tall!

The museums have some really neat things inside of them, plus they get you out of the heat if you are visiting in the summer and they are all free!
Museums we love:
The National Archives Museum has the real copy of the Declaration of Independence, Bill of Rights, and the Constitution.
 The Air and Space Museum is always a favorite for boys!
The Museum of American History has Dorthy's shoes from the Wizard of Oz and so many others things that anyone would find interesting!
The National Zoo is a fun place for kids and has lots of animals!
Other great museums are Museum of Natural History and the National Holocaust Museum (I don't recommend taking children here).

In the Museum of Natural History.

The trains are B's favorite part about the Museum of American History!

The Washington DC LDS Temple isn't in the National Mall, but is close by in Kensington, Maryland. It is definitely worth the extra time to go see this gorgeous temple. (More about temples here)

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Sunday, January 15, 2017

365 Days of Lindsey {Week 2}

If you missed last week's post, find it here! I'm documenting each day of 2017 in pictures! 

Here's week TWO!
Day 8:
Our church was cancelled today because of the snow so we listened to a talk on faith! I love this quote!

Day 9:
Doctor appointment shenanigans #twomonthcheckup

Day 10:
I'm needing to get rid of all the Christmas candy in our house! It's too I'm making cookies! It will be gone in no time! #counterproductive

Day 11:
B got Candy Land for his birthday and last night my husband was teaching him that you don't always win and it's okay. So this morning when we played B kept saying "Hopefully I win!" over and over! #toddlerfun

Day 12:
Nothing better than a cuddly baby! And play dates with friends! And summer weather outside! And friends who bring you dinner! It's been a good day!

Day 13:
This morning I was organizing and found my bag of dance shoes! I put my clogging shoes on and it felt amazing! Hopefully someday I will have the time and space to get back into dancing! #foreveronthedancefloor

Day 14:
B decided today was the day he wanted to trade his binky for a new toy! Wish us luck for the next few nights!

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Friday, January 13, 2017

New Hobby

You guys! I have a new hobby and it involves makeup!!

As you know last month I did a review on LipSense and I fell in love with the product! To be honest it took a few weeks for me to really love it, but now I'm never going back to any other lip color! (I won't be spamming this blog with LipSense after this post, so if you want to get info on sales and new colors join my Facebook page: Kissable Lips with Lindsey!)

After having one color, I wanted to get more and the best way for me to be able to get more was to become a LipSense distributor! Plus I wanted to share with everyone this amazing product!

There are so many gorgeous colors, no matter if you like bright or neutral lips there's a color for you! My favorite so far is Apple Cider! It's the perfect neutral color!

Here I am in Sheer Pink!

And in Cappuccino!
All of the lip colors can be found on my Facebook page: Kissable Lips with Lindsey

If you are interested here are some awesome perks of being a distributor:

Let me know if you want to order or join my team, email me at!

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