Monday, August 7, 2017

Three Things

Hey everyone!!

I thought today was a good day to share three new things going on with each of us!
Baby E:
1) He's so easy to make laugh and smile! He's definitely making up for all of that crying he did his first seven months!

2) Walks along furniture and can stand up in the middle of a room.

3) Still doesn't have any teeth and is nine months old...I'm not too worried but I am starting to wonder where they all are!

1) Started swimming lessons last week!

2) Is so good about telling me if Baby E is stuck somewhere or about to eat something bad!

3) Has been playing pretend with his animals a lot lately and it's so funny to listen to the things they say to each other!

1) Got sprayed by a skunk riding his bike to school! How does this happen in Boston?!?! Luckily he was able to just change his scrubs and the smell went mostly away!

2) Has never been so tired in his life!

3) Has the least amount of laundry of any of us because the hospital washes his scrubs!

1) I made overnight oats for breakfast last week for the first time and they are so good! My favorite mix-in is raspberries with cookies and cream protein powder!

2) HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) workouts have been my go-to workout this summer. I love that they don't have to be very long but I sweat a bunch!

3) My friend told me about these dresses and they are so cute! I got this one for my birthday!

Have a great week!

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