Thursday, August 10, 2017

Day in the Life {Summer 2017}

I haven't done a day in the life post since March and I love reading these types of posts. The past two weeks have been so fun and I wanted to remember one of these summer days! 

Disclaimer: I was really bad at taking pictures this time because I kept forgetting, so I'm sorry!

4:30am I woke up to feed Baby E and by the time I was done my husband was leaving for work.

4:55 I went back to sleep!

6:41 B came into my room and Baby E wakes up. We eat breakfast and I shower.
7:55 We walk to B's swim lessons. It's only 65 degrees and I felt so bad that B had to swim in the cold!
8:30 Swimming lessons are finished. We walk home and I switch the laundry I started beforehand. I feed Baby E his baby oatmeal.

8:50 Baby E goes down for his morning nap and I do my hair and makeup.
9:45 We run some errands and go to singing time at the library.

11:15 We meet our friend at Castle Island and do a photo shoot for her Etsy shop, Lexi's Loft. (I'll be posting pictures next week!)
12:05pm I let B play at the playground before we head home to eat lunch.

1:20 Nap Time! Mom break for me!

3:40 Both boys are up...One child ended up sleeping and the other didn't!

4:10 I folded laundry while the boys played with cars.
5:00 I made tacos for dinner and we ate. Baby E has his chicken and apples:)
6:15 I hosted a Bachelorette Finale watching party!

6:30 Baby E goes to bed!

7:45 B goes to bed!

8:15 My husband gets home!

8:40 We finish watching the show and I'm so glad this season is over!

8:50 I hang out with my husband while he writes notes and I watch Heartland.
10:30 Bedtime!

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