Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Exploring Boston {Day 2}

The next day was even hotter so we decided to go to the zoo in the morning to escape the worst of the heat in the afternoon. It warmed up really fast plus there were a billion kids there for field trips, so we didn't last long, but we did see some lions and a couple other animals!

After that we toured Fenway Park! This brick wall has been part of it since it was first built in 1912.

So hot, but so cool to see!

These are some of the oldest seats from any major league baseball stadium,

Standing on the Green was pretty high and kind of scary to be on!

Next we went to the Museum of Science and found this huge bug!

My husband showing B how to brush teeth!

Then we drove by MIT and had to take a picture for my brother-in-law who wants to go here!

We were stuck in traffic on a bridge going over the Charles River and saw all of these sail boats!

We saw so much these two days but didn't even see half of what Boston has to offer. Good thing we have the next fours years to do so!

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