Thursday, April 20, 2017

Three Things

Happy Thursday!!

It feels like so much has happened this month, so I had no trouble coming up with what to put in this post!
Baby E:
1) Now rolls from his back to stomach and always gets stuck!

2) I'm trying out the Baby Led Weaning method this time around and so far he has eaten applesauce, bananas, and green beans. I have researched this method a little and I'm going to start feeding him roasted yellow squash and zucchini too.

3) We've started putting him in his high chair when we're in the kitchen and he actually enjoys it most of the time!

1) Has such a good memory and remembers details of things I quickly forget/don't care about.

2) Knows his birthday!

3) Is always wanting to be outside and playing in the dirt!

1) Is in his last week of his oral surgery rotation at school and last week he pulled 40 teeth, gross!

2) Bought FIVE Costco sized bags of chocolate chips for a cookie fundraiser he's in charge of!

3) Graduates dental school in three weeks!

1) Is loving our new family pictures!! Here's the post in case you missed them!

2) Sold our wonderful garden box this week because we don't know if our next apartment has a spot for it. :(

3) Getting more excited about moving because we FINALLY found a place to live!

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