Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Mount Vernon {George Washington's Estate}

We finally made it to Mount Vernon and finished our Virginia Bucket List on Saturday! 

It rained the entire time and we were all soaked but still spent 4 1/2 hours exploring George Washington's estate!

Stained glass windows inside the building you enter the property at.

Waiting in line for the mansion tour. B said his hat was at home, but was really in the car the entire time, so we made him a tunic hat from my cardigan!

The Mansion. It has 9 guest rooms and had so much original (to the house) furniture and art inside!

The kitchen is located to the right of the main house in a separate building to keep the house from getting too hot. (This was the only room you could take pictures in.)

West side of the Mansion

There's Maryland across the Potomac River!

Wet and cold:)

I loved the covered walkways on each side of the house.

Splashing in puddles was a favorite of B's!!

Inside the museum there were life size replicas of George Washington at different ages. They have done extensive research on what his face really looked like through molds, so that was pretty cool!

My husband's favorite part was seeing the actual denture he wore in his mouth! They look so uncomfortable!
Fun fact: When George was sworn into office, he only had one real tooth left in his mouth!

Baaing at the sheep!:)

I love roads covered in green tree canopies like this! - Virginia has a lot of them!

George and Martha's tombs were the last thing we saw and they are on the property as well.
We also watched a couple movies at the museums and during one of them your seat would vibrate with the gun shots and cannons and it also "snowed" in the theater during the snow scene!

I'm so glad we made time to visit Mt. Vernon. We were a little afraid it was going to be just another old house (we have visited a lot of those the last four years) but it wasn't!

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