Wednesday, April 26, 2017

What's up Wednesday {4/26/17}

Welcome back! We've made it to Wednesday, only two days until Friday! Hooray!

I'm back for another What's Up Wednesday and of course I'm linking up with ShaySheaffer, and Mel!

What we're eating this week: Spaghetti and garlic toast, Waffles,...pretty much we are trying to eat as much of the food we have so we don't have to pack it up!;)

What I'm reminiscing about: The last four years in Virginia and my husband being in dental school. It went by so fast! I'm definitely excited to be moving on with my husband's education, but I'll miss friends I've made here.

What I'm loving: This dry shampoo! It smells soooo good AND it's super cheap AND it works like a dream!

What we've been up to: On Saturday we went to Mount Vernon and explored George Washington's estate. All the pictures from that day trip are found here!

What I'm dreading: Packing up my apartment...we've lived here for four years and we have probably almost doubled what we had when we moved here because our family has doubled in size!

What I'm working on: Not eating sugar!! haha This No-Sugar Challenge has been so hard! Maybe it's stress and lots of rainy days but I am wanting to eat all.the.candy!! Help me!

What I'm excited about: Dental Gala, Graduation, family coming to visit, so much excitement is happening this next month!

What I'm watching: South Pacific. We usually watch nature shows Sunday evenings and we just started this one last week and it's been really good/interesting so far!

What I'm reading: Nothing at the moment....I have two books waiting to be read but it's not very high on my priority list;)

What I'm listening to: B is supposed to be napping but is instead playing in his room. Please don't be growing out of naps!!!

What I'm wearing: On Easter I wore this outfit and I'm in love with the peplum top! It's under $15!!
We have had some really warm days lately! So t-shirts and shorts/capris are on repeat! 

What I'm doing this weekend: Packing, organizing, and all that fun moving prep stuff;)

What I'm looking forward to next month: I'm not exactly looking forward to moving to a new city and starting over, BUT I am looking forward to having a new apartment layout to work with and decorate!

What else is new: We traded kitchen tables with a lady from our church. Hers was too big and ours was too small so it worked out great! We are going to refinish the one we got and find some new chairs that match our style!

What's your favorite Spring/Summer shoe: These Sandals but I got mine for $7 on clearance a couple years ago! I wear them all the time!

Have a fantastic day!!

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