Thursday, March 16, 2017

A Day in the Life

I've been wanting to do a post like this for a while and I finally got around to it! 

This is from Tuesday of this week and is what a day spent at home usually looks like.

3:30am Baby E wakes up to eat.

6:38 Baby E is up again to eat after being restless the past three hours. He goes back to sleep. 

7:50 We're all up! B eats breakfast and watch cartoons. I read my scriptures and publish a blog post. 
8:50 Try to put Baby E down for a nap (which didn't happen), make the bed, and put on exercise clothes.

9:15 Exercise! I usually do an ab workout and some sort of cardio/arms/legs workout on YouTube. (Baby E is usually asleep while I exercise but today he cried for most of it.)
9:35 Feed Baby E and eat my snack of apples and peanut butter.
10:10 Boys are dressed and I shower.

11:00 Baby E is down for a nap, B is playing with trucks, a load of laundry is in, and I do my makeup.
11:25 Puzzle time with B.

11:50 Train puzzle is finished and it's lunch time!
12:00pm Baby E wakes up and gets a diaper change. We finish eating and B gets a little Ipad time while I feed Baby E.
1:10 B goes down for his nap, I fold some laundry, answer emails, and look at blogs. Baby E takes a nap too.

3:15 Fold more laundry

3:25 Feed Baby E
3:40 B wakes up and watches another show while I get Baby E's next size of clothes out (6 months)
4:15 I get out a letter tracing book to see how B does with it and it doesn't go well. Haha maybe in a few months:) So we color instead!
(This time of day I'm usually going crazy and counting the minutes until my husband to get home, but this day he had to stay after so I still have a few hours by myself)
5:00 We listen to music and B wants us to dance.

5:15 I start dinner
5:30 Baby E goes down for his third nap and B is playing well by himself.

6:05 Baby E wakes up and B and I are eating dinner.

6:25 Feed Baby E and he only nurses for a couple minutes and witching hour starts!
6:35 Train puzzle round 2! (At this point I'm going crazy and ready for bedtime, I also did not want to do that puzzle again!)
7:10 Clean up and PJ time

7:25 Baby E finally eats well and it's his last feeding for the night. Goes to sleep right after.

7:52 B is in bed (Happy dance!)

8:02 Hubby's home! We talk, watch a show, and eat a treat.
10:30 Bedtime

There's our day! Hopefully it gives you a good idea what it's like with a three year old and five month old!

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