Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Three Things

Here's another update on each member of our family! There are days that I can't believe I have two kids! When did that happen?!?!
1) It's so cute to watch him play lately. He's been using his imagination more and I love hearing what his toys say to each other!

2) He likes Paw Patrol right now and watches the episodes on YouTube whenever we let him.

3) Loves his comfy clothes! He probably wears jeans once a month.

Baby E:
1) He's still a mama's boy, especially when he's tired and is starting to have 'stranger danger'.

2) Does not like his bouncy seat anymore and is always trying to sit up while in it.

3) Has started reaching for things in my hands-like my phone, cups, papers and will put anything in his mouth. The other day we were grocery shopping and B gave him the shopping list and the next thing I knew he had eaten half of it!

1) Works out whenever he has time in the morning or during the day. He wanted a simple home gym where ever we moved next, but since we're going to Boston that will have to be his residency graduation present!

2) Got to play soccer for the first time in a while with B and some neighbor kids!

3) He's still doing a great job searching for a place for us to live in Boston!;) (I wouldn't be surprised if we end up driving there with our moving truck with no place to live the way it's looking right now.)

1) I've been trying to be more intentional with how I spend my time and I'm able to get so much done lately! Facebook and Instagram can suck you in!

2) One thing I have appreciated a lot lately is when people ask to hold Baby E for me at church activities. It's such a nice break and allows me to do my responsibilities quicker.

3) My LipSense business is keeping me a lot busier than I expect, which is a really good thing! 

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