Thursday, February 16, 2017

Three Things

We have had a busy week so far with meetings, church visits, play dates, and Valentine's Day! B got a balloon and has been carrying it around with him all week! It's like an imaginary friend or something!

Anyways, I just wanted to stop in and give a quick update of each person in our family!
Baby E:
1. Is an amazing sleeper at night but still cries a few hours a each day.
2. Loves to suck on his fingers and Mom's hands.
3. Favorite part of the day is being naked on Mom and Dad's bed before getting dressed for the day or at night in pajamas.

1. Still loves trains and Little Einsteins.
2. Is awesome at flying his Dad's mini drone!
3. Can sing the ABC's all by himself and is learning to cut paper with scissors.

1. Is halfway done with boards! One more written and a practical and he'll officially be a dentist!
2. Wishes he had more time to read books that aren't for school....only 4 1/2 years until he can do that:)
3. Has been searching for a place for us to live in Boston. We've decided we'll most likely be renting and we know what area, now we have to find the perfect place!

1. I've recently started exercising again and I'm so out of shape but excited to feel myself get stronger!
2. For part of my church responsibility I plan a lot of activities/events and I'm starting to enjoy planning them. 
3. I've been in packing mode since January but I've resisted and I'm trying to hold off until at least March or when we have a place to live!

Thanks for catching up! See you back here tomorrow!

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