Wednesday, January 6, 2016

How I Style It: Snowed In Style

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Today I'm linking up with Bright on a Budget for How I Style It: Snowed In Edition!

In all honesty if I'm snowed in I probably will be wearing these or these(softest pants ever!) comfy pants. They are seriously the best! I have been wearing both pairs non-stop the past few days because we have been stuck at home sick, so it's basically like we are snowed in.....right?!?;) 

While we were in Idaho it snowed a couple times and we went sledding! I looked like this...

But if there was snow outside and we were going somewhere I would wear this! This vest is very soft, warm, and stylish! 
Vest // Shirt // Jeans // Booties

I do hope that my hubby gets some snow days these next two months because the whole city shuts down and he will have to study at home!

Other comfy news- My mother-in-law showed me these jackets at Macy's and they are also the softest things ever! It's seriously like you're wearing a blanket!

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