Monday, September 21, 2015

Capsule Wardrobe: Striped Dress + What I Learned

Hello everyone! We made it to the last four outfits of my capsule wardrobe! I hope you enjoyed seeing all of the outfits I made with 12 articles of clothing and hope I inspired you to make your own capsule wardrobe!

To see all of the outfits here are the post links:

 I learned many things while making this capsule wardrobe and wanted to highlight a few of the main things I learned.

1- You can make so many outfits with a few key items. I really didn't realize how many outfits I could make with my clothes. The 12 pieces aren't the only clothes in my closet, so I could probably wear a different outfit every day of the year!

2- Feeling good about yourself. It's more important to feel good about yourself in your style, than to always be wearing the current trend. It's hard not to get caught up in trends, but they don't always look good on all body types. 

3- Capsule wardrobes simplify your life! It takes the guesswork out of getting dressed in the morning and leaves you with more time to do other things, like maybe trying a new hairstyle or applying more makeup. :)

4- Adding in items. Don't get discouraged if you start getting tired of your wardrobe. You can always swap out different shirts, skirts, dresses, or jeans. Always remember to accessorize! That keeps outfits new and exciting!

I would love to see your capsule wardrobes! Send me a link by email or in the comments below!

Capsule wardrobe staples:(These are affiliate links)
-2 striped tees (Old NavyOld Navy
-Floral print shirt (Similar,SimilarSimilarSimilar)
-Blush tee (Old Navy)
-Chambray shirt (Kohl's)
-Embroidered shirt (SimilarSimilar)
-Basic white shirt (Downeast Basics)
-Cardigan (Target)
-Black pencil skirt (SimilarSimilarSimilar)
-Striped Dress (Old Navy)
 -Jeans (Old Navy)
 -White pants (Old Navy)
Shoes (not included in the 12 staples):
-Roxy Shoes (Exact)
-Nude wedge (Kohl's)
-Black bootie (Dr. Scholl's)
-Leopard shoes (SimilarSimilar)


  1. Love how you styled this! I think it is great to learn different ways to restyle your pieces!

  2. I think this is great for many people who put the same old pieces together! I love the style of the dress, it looks amazing on you, you really know how to rock stripes girl

  3. Wow, its amazing how many outfits can be created from a few key pieces!! It would help me wear more clothes out of my closet that get overlooked.
    Thanks for linking up

    1. I try to rotate my clothes so that I wear them all, If I don't wear them for a while I get rid of them. It's a great routine that works for me!

  4. Love all the ways you styled this cute dress!!

    1. Thank you! I love how versatile this dress is! Thanks for hosting!