Thursday, August 31, 2017

Residency Life Update

Hey everyone!

I'm just documenting a few things that have happened the past two months that I want to remember down the road and laugh at! haha

+A couple weekends ago my husband had three different pagers for three different hospitals! Luckily it was a pretty quiet weekend and only had to go in a couple times!

+He had a department dinner that I was invited to. So I got a babysitter for the boys and got all dressed up for it. I went to pick him up and a patient came in to the ER so I waited for 30 minutes and then another patient came in. I ended up just going home and eating cereal for dinner.

+He's gotten his bike seat stolen TWICE! It always seems to happen when he's on call over night. I guess someone needs a bike seat more than him! We did end up buying an old little car for him to drive because the bike situation wasn't working out. I drove it to get it inspected and it's a good car so hopefully it will last us the whole four years!

On Monday he started his second rotation at a new hospital. This residency life still isn't ideal or easy but we're getting through it!

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