Sunday, June 18, 2017

365 Days of Lindsey {Week 24}

Happy Father's Day!

I'm so grateful that we have a day to honor the fathers in our life! I thought of my Dad a lot this weekend as we were camping because that was one of the main activities I did with him every summer and I have lots of really good memories from that!

We got back from our camping trip to Vermont today and we had a blast! B had so much fun but the lost sleep caught up with him this afternoon! Tomorrow I'll be doing lots of laundry, cleaning out the car, and catching up on sleep! ;) 

Day 162:
This boy is getting harder to cuddle with because he is always on the move! Good thing church is during nap time so I can cuddle him extra long!

Day 163:
First swim of the summer!

Day 164:
These little legs are officially crawling!

Day 165:
Another summer day, another day at the pool!

Day 166:
Tonight we were getting ready for our weekend camping trip and B found the flashlights, so I taught him how to make shadows! His shadow totally looks like him as a chubby baby!

Day 167:
Green mountain state here we come! Our first camping trip as a family of four!

Day 168:
Camping & Ice Cream #onlyinvermont

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