Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Moving Adventures

Where do I even start?!?! We didn't expect this move to get us lost in New York City or to get a $92 ticket, but we made it safely and without any (known) damage to the truck! haha I'm seriously so glad that we had my in-laws to help us because I don't know how we would have survived!

Here's the story:
The craziness started when we were supposed to take the Lower Level of the George Washington Bridge to continue on I-95 but because we were in a big truck it made us take the Upper Level and pay a $42 toll! So we pay the toll and find the exit we needed but then we saw a sign that said Passenger Cars Only! Because we couldn't take that exit, we ended up in Manhattan and the Bronx...it was so scary! And to top it all off the gas light came on in the middle of it all (The drivers there were pretty scary - but now we live in a place with awful drivers so I better get used to it!) 

We kept on finding main roads to take but there always ended up being Passenger Car Only signs, so we ended up just going from New York to Connecticut through neighborhoods! It took so long!
The next day we thought we were going to I-95 but somehow ended up on a "no commercial vehicle" road and there was this overpass(Pictured below) that we didn't think the moving truck could make it under because it said that it was 9 inches shorter than our truck. So we all pulled over and called the police.

The cop came and told my husband to get in the left lane and try not to make too big of a mess. Thankfully he had plenty of room and made it under but once we got off that road he pulled him over and gave him a $92 ticket for driving a commercial vehicle on a restricted road. So rude of him!

After that we found the right road and had no problem getting to our apartment!

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