Thursday, January 12, 2017

UPDATED: New Purchases for Baby #2

A couple months ago, I published this post on what new purchases I was making for baby #2. I'm back today to give you an update on what I think of these products and sharing some new ones we have found!
The italicized words are the update!

Delta Children Sweet Beginnings Bassinet: We didn't get a bassinet with B and he ended up sleeping in his swing for the first six weeks. We also didn't want to move the crib back into our room, so we needed something smaller. We have loved this bassinet! Baby E sleeps really well in it and it's the perfect height for it to be right next to our bed!

Fisher-Price Baby's Bouncer: The bouncer we had for B was awful. It pushed his neck down in an awkward way and I was always paranoid when he was in it. This one seems great, so I have high hopes for it! This is Baby E's preferred spot in the house during the day! The vibration setting is awesome! Baby E's neck doesn't ever look uncomfortable or make me nervous in this bouncer.

Munchkin White Hot Safety Bath Ducky: We have already started using this because B's old duck had mold in it, Gross! This one is awesome because water can't get into it and it tells you if the water temperature is too hot! This duck is holding up great! B loves it!

Dr. Brown's PreVent Design Pacifier: I'm trying out this brand with this baby. I needed to get a different brand than what B is using right now because I don't want to get them mixed up! Baby E isn't too into his binky, but when we are able to get him to take it this one has worked well! There also have been no binky mix-ups yet!

Recent purchases:
Chicco Double Stroller: I wanted to get a double stroller that our car seat would click into. I have really liked this stroller so far, except that it's heavy. I would think that most double strollers are that way though. 

Whale Bath: As mentioned in this post I really have loved this tub especially for the newborn stage because it supports their head so well!

Moby Wrap: I originally didn't think I needed a wrap, but as Baby E's crying continued I knew I needed to try one to see if it would help. I got a Moby Wrap at a secondhand baby store and it was half the price as the original! I have used it a handful of times and am still getting used to it, but I can see why people love using them! 

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