Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Travel Tuesday// Annapolis, MD

Another place on our Virginia bucket list is Annapolis, Maryland. We got to cross it off a couple weeks ago! 

We met a group of our dental school friends there and had such a great time exploring this city! If you've seen Meet the Mormons, this is the city where the Navy football coach lives.

We got there a little before most of the families, so we decided to get a yummy crepe! It gave us a newfound motivation to use our new crepe maker we got for Christmas!

Afterwards we went to Main St. where they had a MLK Day parade. 

B's favorite part of the parade was the fire trucks at the end!

After the parade we were all freezing so we warmed up inside and ate yummy lobster rolls. It was my first time having a lobster roll and both my husband and I were a little nervous we were going to get sick while eating them, but if we didn't look at the meat we were fine! They really did taste good!

We then walked to the Navel Academy and passed brick streets and cute houses.

At the Naval Academy we walked around the campus. It was pretty empty with it being a holiday.

The Stroller Brigade!

Our next stop was the harbor. Very pretty, but cold!

Our last stop was for a 6 pound milkshake! We shared one between 8 people. It was huge and delicious!

Until next time Annapolis!

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