Thursday, September 8, 2016

Summer Maternity Clothes...on a Budget

Fun fact: About 64% of moms buy 10 or more maternity items. 24% purchase 20 or more. 

During this pregnancy I've been really hot since the majority of it has been in the summer. Unfortunately all of my old maternity clothes were sweaters. Since I didn't want to spend lots of money on clothes I would wear for only a few short months, I was on a mission to find reasonably priced summer maternity clothes.

 Honestly the only store I bought clothes full priced from was Walmart. Their best selection for maternity clothes was online.

I needed to find knee length shorts and Walmart had a great selection! I got these shorts (shown below) in black and the color hasn't faded at all! I also rotate those with these shorts(shown above) which are long enough for what I wanted. I've been able to survive just purchasing these two pairs of shorts because I only wear them when I leave the house and I have a pair of maternity pants from my first pregnancy, as well as enough skirts and maxi dresses to last me in between washings! The rest of the time I wear comfy clothes from pre-pregnancy. I love comfy clothes, as you know!
The shirts that I got from Walmart have worked great and were $10 or less! I got two of these tees (one above and below) and this dressier one. They are heavy enough that you don't have to wear an under shirt, which is awesome because any layers you add, just make you roast even more!:)

I recently found this top (shown below) in blue with white stripes on clearance a couple weeks ago at Kohl's. I love the Motherhood Maternity brand but I don't love the prices. I also have been able to find some looser shirts on the clearance rack at Kohl's and they have stretched with my growing belly!
I am very grateful to be pregnant, but I'm excited to wear my real clothes again!
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