Wednesday, August 31, 2016

What's up Wednesday {8/31/16}

Today I'm linking up with ShaySheaffer, and Mel for What's Up Wednesday! It has been about six months since I've done this link up, so there's lots of new things happening in our life! Including a couple of bump pictures!;)

What we're eating this week: For the last six months I have been the worst cook! With fall coming I'm planning on using my crock pot multiple times a week! Until then we are going to eat easy dinners like this Lasagna Pasta, Baked Honey Lime Chicken Taquitos, and chicken salads!

What I'm reminiscing about: B has been wanting to sit on my lap lately and it hasn't been very comfortable for either of us, so this is how it's been happening!

What I'm loving: Having my husband around more this past month and working on getting ready for the baby!

What we've been up to: Last week we got all of my husband's residency applications in. Now he's had lots of free time, so he built B a new basketball hoop!

What I'm working on: Getting back into this blog! I've missed it and my mind keeps getting pulled to it, so I'm back to getting posts and content ready for you all!

What I'm excited about: Of course, our baby coming and fall coming soon!

What I'm watching: Royal Pains and I'm really excited for Dancing with the Stars to start in September!

What I'm reading: If you are wanting a clean romance novel, The Sunflower is so good! I read it in a day! The Wright Brothers has been interesting as well, we recently went to the Outer Banks in North Carolina for my birthday weekend and we stopped by the Wright Brothers Memorial. My Mother-in-Law told me about this book and I am reading it now that I've visited the place where the events actually occurred.

What I'm listening to: Have you seen those YouTube videos where they cover toys with Play Doh? Well, B loves them and that's what he wanted to watch for his show after his nap today while I wrote this.

What I'm wearing: Seeing that I only fit in maternity clothes, that's what I wear all the time! Both the shirt and shorts are from Walmart online. They are great quality too! A full post on my maternity wardrobe is coming soon, so be on the look out!

What I'm doing this weekend: It's a three day weekend-HOORAY! My husband is going on a crazy long bike ride(for him!) with friends and we are meeting him at the end for lunch! We need to go swimming one last time this summer too!

What I'm looking forward to next month: Enjoying my last full month with just B, before his world is turned upside down!

What else is new: B is potty trained as of June! It's so nice to not change toddler diapers anymore!

What is your favorite summer to fall transitional piece in your closet? Cardigans are such an easy thing to throw on if the weather is cooling down! I love these crew neck and these v-neck ones!

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