Saturday, August 27, 2016

Dental School Update {Third Year Complete!}

Now that we have started our fourth and final year of dental school, I should probably give you an update on how our third year experience was! 

To wrap it all up in one sentence: It was busy and I hardly saw my husband. He studied and took the CBSE test for oral surgery residency three times because it's only offered twice a year. (He didn't really study for it the first time). He also went on three one-week externships.

  A normal D3 year would have been pretty busy during the fall semester and would have calmed down during the winter semester (except for making sure you get all of your clinical points), He had to make up for lost clinic time during the winter semester so that added to our stress. Also, wanting to do any specialty adds a lot of work and stress as you prepare for applying to residency. 

With all of that being said... we made it through! My husband got amazing grades and did awesome on his third and final CBSE test! (Post on that coming soon). I've heard residency is pretty hard for both the resident and their family, so I guess we'll consider this third year our test run:)

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