Thursday, October 8, 2015

Target Beauty Box {Fall}

In the Spring I bought the Target Beauty Box for the first time and loved it! There was a great selection of beauty product and I have used all of them! Read about that experience here.

When I saw that the Fall one came out I bought it that same day because they sell out fast! It's such a good deal with the boxes being only $5 and free shipping! Two of the four hair products are for curly hair, which was awesome because I have naturally curly hair and I love trying new curly hair products out!
Above are all of the products I received in the beauty box, minus the flowers and tray:)

This paper came with the box and gives a good description of what the product is and how to use it. I'll write out what it says for each product below and tell you what I thought of each product.

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WHAT: Lightweight spray offers a protective barrier against damage for fragile, color-treated or relaxed hair.
 HOW: Use twice-daily as a moisturizer; Simply spritz in the air and walk under the mist.
*It has a nice clean smell and it also protects against heat damage. I really have liked using it and will continue to use it but probably won't buy again.

WHAT: A cream styler that defines, de-frizzes, and moisturizes tresses, leaving curls soft without hold.
HOW: Apply to freshly cleansed hair while still wet. Scrunch into hair, section by section. Allow to air dry.
*This stuff smells AMAZING!! I could seriously eat it! I thought it made my hair feel heavy and greasy, but I could smell it in my hair until I washed it again. I would use it just for the smell:)

WHAT; A lightweight, fast-absorbing serum that tames frizz and keeps curls defined.
HOW: Apply to wet or dry hair. Start at the middle and smooth down to the ends.
*I used this on dry hair and it appeared to tame my frizz for a few hours. 

WHAT: Oil-based lotion restores moisture and shine to color treated or chemically processed hair.
HOW: Apply a small amount to hands and work into damp or dry hair, working from tip to root. Do not rinse.
*I only applied it from tips to mid-shaft of hair because I didn't want my roots to get greasy any faster than necessary. It did a really good job of taming my frizzy hair.

WHAT: Multipurpose ointment helps soothe and protect dry, chapped or irritated skin.
HOW Gently apply to chapped lips, dry hands, heels, feet, cracked skin, or minor burns.
*I love using this on my lips and hands right before I go to bed! It leaves them soft and ready for another day! I'm a huge fan of this, especially in the colder months.

WHAT: Breakthrough formula whitens teeth in just three days, with best results after 4 weeks.
HOW: Brush daily at least twice a day, or as directed by your dentist or physician.
*I thought it was a great whitening toothpaste. It seemed to make my teeth whiter and it has a good minty taste!
Have you gotten a Target Beauty Box? What products did you love?

I bought and reviewed this beauty box myself because I love it that much!

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