Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Show and Tell Tuesday: High School Edition

Today I'm linking up for Show and Tell Tuesday: High School Edition!

In high school my life revolved around dancing, good grades, hanging out with friends, and working.
 I was a nerd and always tried to get good grades, always did my homework, and studied for tests. I competitively danced (clogged), so all of my extra time outside of school work was spent practicing in my garage or working to earn money to help pay for dance lessons and competitions. I worked at a daycare and taught clogging.

Here are my activity card pictures. Freshman to Senior (Right to left)

My clogging team my senior year!

In February of my Junior year, most of my high school burnt down because of an accidental fire. It was like I was in a movie, driving down the road to school and seeing smoke and flames. My Dad went to school in the same building when he was a kid, so it was really old. We ended up not having school for four days and they brought in portable trailers. The part of the school that was saved was where the senior classes were, so luckily my last year was in an actual building. Unfortunately it smelt really bad!

I love these girls! It's so fun to see where we are all at right now.
All of us have kids or are expecting!

I do miss some things about high school, like living close to friends and clogging all the time, but I'm enjoying where I'm at and the person I'm becoming!

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  1. It sounds like you had a lot of fun and really enjoyed High School. I guess I should have taken lessons from you! ;) And look how cute all of your pictures are... gorgeous!

  2. I love your curly hair!! It is so cute in all those pictures!!

  3. You were just the cutest freshman! 😀

  4. I sometimes regret moving away from Idaho after my freshman year of highschool. Both high schools I attended did not compare especially since I never came across or had such wonderful friends afterwards.

    1. I love where we grew up! I haven't found a town like it! I hope you're doing great Suzy! Your little baby is adorable!