Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Beauty Routine

Today I'm linking up with Andrea and telling you about my beauty routine! I'm excited to see everyone else's so I can learn new tricks and tips!

Ever since having a baby I have learned to schedule out time in each day to get ready and feel better about myself. It's important to me to do my hair, makeup, and get dressed each day, so that I can face the day's tasks head on and feel confident!

When I shower I will wash my face with Clean & Clear Blackhead Eraser or Vasante BrightenUp. They both exfoliate my face to get rid of dry skin. If I'm not showering that day I'll just wash my face with a washcloth. 

I moisturize my face every morning and night to keep future wrinkles away! I love St. Ives Timeless Skin. It's inexpensive and lasts a long time.
 I recently got this Coola Face Sunscreen in a Birchbox, personally I wouldn't buy it because it works just as well as any other sunscreen, but it does feel cool on your skin when you first apply it.

After applying moisturizer, I apply the Mary Kay face primer, and then get started on my make up routine. I won't go into that today, but if you are interested I will do another post on it!

I recently shared the hair products I use and love. You can find that post here.

What are your go-to beauty products? What is your favorite face wash?

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  1. I have been using St. Ives for years and love it! My favorite cleanser that I will probably use forever is the Cetaphil. I really like your brush holder! And I hear ya about looking and feeling your best for the day. I work 4 days a week now but stayed home when the boys were little and I always put on my makeup and did my hair even if we didn't go anywhere that day. Just felt better. I hope your day is terrific!!


    1. I have always heard good things about Cetaphil and I need to try it out! I got my brush holder while in beauty school, the brand is CAO!

  2. I love the Jergens tinted moisturizer (I just put it on my blog post), so if you are looking for something to use, it's a great one to try! I'm with you on the Paul Mitchell hair products. They are my favorite! Cute blog!! XO


  3. Oooh I will have to try that St. Ive's stuff!

  4. Stopped by your blog via Andrea's link-up. I just received that Coola sunscreen in my Birchbox too! Your blog title is so clever! :)