Sunday, May 7, 2017

365 Days of Lindsey {Week 18}

We were doing so well with packing this week...Then we got sick with these darn colds and we've done very little the past couple days! Thankfully we have family coming into town for graduation and to help with the boys so we can get everything finished up here before we head on to our next adventure!

Happy Sunday!

Day 120:
Stickers are one of our favorite ways to entertain B at church!

Day 121:
Living the city life....four wheeler rides in the kitchen!

Day 122:
A hard mom day calls for fresh nail colors #terriblethrees

Day 123:
Sneak peek of my Gala attire!

Day 124:
Six month shots

Day 125:
Is it bedtime yet?!? The day after shots plus the rest of us being sick calls for an early bedtime!

Day 126:
Our nightly hand holding session...Once we move I'll need to crack down on sleep training but for now I'm soaking it up! #staylittle

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