Sunday, April 2, 2017

365 Days of Lindsey {Week 13}

Happy Sunday!!

We spent the weekend enjoying General Conference. It's kind of hard to hear and pay attention with little ones, that's why I love rereading them afterwards! My favorite talk was Elder Holland's. I was able to listen to that one all the way through so maybe that's why it's my favorite right now;) What was yours?!?

Day 85:
I post way too many pictures of my baby sleeping #sorrynotsorry But today we had the best Sunday nap!

Day 86:
Easter is coming up and is my favorite holiday! B helps us celebrate by doing daily egg hunts which started today!

Day 87:
One box down, lots more to go!

Day 88:
Baby E was trying to get his binky back from B! I love how much they make each other laugh!

Day 89:
Multitasking---> Nail painting, Train playing, & Egg finding #momlife

Day 90:
Spring fever

Day 91:
Current view: Saturday night baths #scrubadub
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