Sunday, April 30, 2017

365 Days of Lindsey {Week 17}

Hey everyone!

I hope your weekend was great! 

We had a busy day yesterday. It was spent getting a new car battery, a haircut, visiting with a friend, organizing/packing, eating Chinese food, and getting a couple pieces of furniture ready to sell. 

 I also got a huge, old mirror from my friend and I'm in love with it! I'm going to be painting the trim and I'll show it to you once it's finished.

Day 113:
Happy Sunday!

Day 114:
6 months old!! How did that happen?!

Day 115:
Baby E is definitely a mama's boy but today he let someone else hold him for TWO hours while I got some packing done!! So grateful for such good friends! 

Day 116:

Day 117:
My nightly snack!

Day 118:
Swinging into the weekend!

Day 119:
Up close and personal!
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