Thursday, March 2, 2017

First Time to Boston

Last weekend we took a quick trip to Boston to look for houses/apartments. We spent over 20 hours in the car and both boys did awesome! On our drive up we paid about $60 (ugh!) in tolls and got to see New York City from a distance which was a first for us! 

We spent a majority of the weekend driving around and looking at potential areas to live. There are so many different places to live around Boston and we think we found an area that will be a good fit for our family and in a good proximity to the hospital. 

We toured an apartment complex with that awesome view pictured below but when they showed us the apartment in our price range it felt like we were in a hotel room. There is no way the boys or I could be comfortable in an apartment like that so our search continued! We looked at a couple tri-levels, which is basically three different apartments in a house because each floor is rented out separately.

I'm also realizing more than ever that we are going to have to downsize quite a bit! I've already started a list of things to get rid of.

We had some time on Sunday and went downtown. Boston is a very clean city and we soon realized it is extremely cold compared to Virginia! I don't think my ears have been that cold since we lived in Rexburg!

Boston has so many playgrounds around the city, so no matter where you live the chances are pretty high that you'll have a playground nearby!

The road in the distance is how most of the houses and roads in the cities look. It's kind of cute! It also means I'm going to get good at parallel parking:) Boston and surrounding areas had a mountainy feel (which I liked!) because of the trees and rocks coming off the side of the hills.

This is how I feel going into this adventure but I know that we are being led to something great!

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