Sunday, January 15, 2017

365 Days of Lindsey {Week 2}

If you missed last week's post, find it here! I'm documenting each day of 2017 in pictures! 

Here's week TWO!
Day 8:
Our church was cancelled today because of the snow so we listened to a talk on faith! I love this quote!

Day 9:
Doctor appointment shenanigans #twomonthcheckup

Day 10:
I'm needing to get rid of all the Christmas candy in our house! It's too I'm making cookies! It will be gone in no time! #counterproductive

Day 11:
B got Candy Land for his birthday and last night my husband was teaching him that you don't always win and it's okay. So this morning when we played B kept saying "Hopefully I win!" over and over! #toddlerfun

Day 12:
Nothing better than a cuddly baby! And play dates with friends! And summer weather outside! And friends who bring you dinner! It's been a good day!

Day 13:
This morning I was organizing and found my bag of dance shoes! I put my clogging shoes on and it felt amazing! Hopefully someday I will have the time and space to get back into dancing! #foreveronthedancefloor

Day 14:
B decided today was the day he wanted to trade his binky for a new toy! Wish us luck for the next few nights!

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