Wednesday, February 24, 2016

What's up Wednesday {2/24/16}

Today I'm once again linking up with ShaySheaffer, and Mel for What's Up Wednesday!

What we're eating this week: Crock Pot Italian Chicken, Corn dogs and french fries, Tilapia and Rice-a-Roni.

What I'm reminiscing about: Being snowed in! Haha I love the snow and this week is a busy one, so I just want to be trapped in my house and relax!

What I'm loving: Totally random, but I just got new contacts and they are the ones where I have to change every day. I love having fresh, clean contacts each day! Plus I can see better! Double Win!

What we've been up to: Yesterday we had a gas leak outside our apartment building. It was scary but I got to spend time with a good friend while it got fixed! This week is also a busy hair cutting week.

What I'm working on: Last week I completed this world map and now I'm working on Easter crafts!

What I'm excited about: Going to Idaho for my brother's wedding! Any excuse to see family is great!

What I'm watching: I just watched makeover week on The Biggest Loser and I love seeing the transformations! I'm also watching The Bachelor and this time around I looked at the spoilers so I could watch with winning girl's relationship with Ben!

What I'm reading: Fire of the Covenant by Gerald N. Lund. It's a histroical fiction book about pioneers from Europe, crossing the ocean and eventually the United States with handcarts. It's a pretty long book (over 700 pages) and I just barely started, but it's really good so far.

What I'm listening to: I could listen to Rachel Patton all the time and have been!

What I'm wearing: I've been loving cardigans, vests, and these flats!
Pants // Flats

What I'm doing this weekend: We are taking a little day trip to Raleigh, NC!

What I'm looking forward to next month: Hopefully warmer weather and playing outside more!

What else is new: Nothing I can think of...

What is your favorite Easter tradition? My favorite holiday is Easter! I love the colors, spring weather, decorations, and especially the candy! My favorite tradition now that I have B is Easter Egg Hunts! Here's a picture from last year!

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