Friday, January 29, 2016

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Happy Friday! 

We are so happy the weekend is here! Only two more weeks of my husband studying non-stop for his huge test (not that we're counting down)! And aren't we all dreaming of weather like this!
If you've been around for a few months you might have noticed I stopped doing my Friday Finds posts. I love doing them, but going to the store more often wasn't good for our student budget. Eliminating those posts have been so much better for staying on budget, especially with the busy year ahead of us!

 Instead of going to stores, I've found some great things I've been eyeing online as well as some toddler related things I thought you might enjoy! 

ONE // I've mentioned this bubble machine before and Baby B loves it! It's definitely worth looking into if you have a toddler.

TWO // I've been on the hunt for the perfect casual tennis shoe and I can't decide between this one or this one! And yesterday I found these slip-on sneakers (except in black and not real leather) for only $8 on clearance at Kohl's! Woohoo!! I can probably hold off on buying the first two pairs for a while!;)

THREE // I found this recipe for jello play dough and I want to try it one of these cold winter days.

FOUR // While at Kohl's yesterday, I found this lace pencil skirt in red and I loved it, but it was still over $20. Hopefully when I go back next month it will be cheaper!

FIVE // I've been trying to figure out what to do for my husband for Valentine's Day and I found all of these ideas, now I just need to pick one!

I hope you have an awesome weekend!

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