Thursday, January 14, 2016

2016 Future Achievements

It's January so everyone is talking about goals, which I think is great! It's so important to become better versions of ourselves by constantly improving the little things in our life. A few days after we got back home from our trip, I sat down and wrote out things that I want to be working on in the coming months!

1) Stop touching my face! I am always touching my face and I've realized that that's where I've been breaking out, so I need to STOP!

2) Learn about different skincare lines and find one that works for my skin. I wash my face with a drugstore face wash  but what I've been using isn't working for what I want (dryness, blackheads, etc). I want to find something that actually works!

1) Be more attentive to Baby B and hubby. Limit phone use around them. I feel like I will always struggle with this, especially with the phone usage, but I just want to make sure they know I really am listening when they talk to me. If I work on this now, I'll really be good at it for when Baby B's really talking!

2) Exercise at least 3 times a week. I make this goal every year because I know that if I don't write it I'll slack off.

3) Limit sugar intake. I have done this before in a 6 week time period and it did wonders for me! I still eat sugar in food but I limit it to no more than 8 grams. I will still eat a piece of candy pretty much every day, but I don't want to eat cakes, cookies, and brownies.

4) Stop gossiping = Be more positive and look for the good in others. There's no need to explain this one:) I'm just trying to become more Christ-like!

Are any of your goals similar to mine? I'd love to know!

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