Thursday, October 29, 2015

Thursday Thought {Gratitude}

When I was searching through my pictures for one that would work as a background for this quote, I came across this one and knew that it fit this quote perfectly.

Getting pregnant with Baby B took over a year. Because of that I was expecting the second go around to be difficult too but for some reason it has been even harder emotionally for me. We wanted our kids to be close in age and as each month goes by they obviously get farther apart. That may seem like a silly thing but that's what I'm feeling right now. I'm not asking to be consoled, and I know that many women out there have an even harder time getting pregnant than I do, or can't get pregnant at all. I just want women out there to know that they aren't alone and that even though it may seem impossible to be grateful at the moment, it's important to remember what we have been given and to always have a grateful heart.

We are so grateful for Baby B and this wonderful time we get to be parents to just him! I am having such a fun time with him right now and when another little one comes along we will have our strong mother-son bond! I know timing is everything and it just not the right time.

What are you grateful for right now in your life?

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