Wednesday, August 26, 2015

What's up Wednesday! {8/26/15}

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What we're eating this week: I tried a new recipe on Sunday and it was so good! It was Honey Rosemary Chicken and it's a crock pot meal. I tend to have bad luck with recipes from Pinterest, but this one was great!

What I'm reminiscing about: One of my really good friends just had a baby and it's so crazy how big Baby B is compared to him. They grow up so fast!

What I'm loving: Cheez-it Grooves! They are so yummy! My husband's family introduced us to them and I cant get enough of them! (I just went and stocked up because they are that good!)

What we've been up to: We haven't gone swimming a lot since we got back from our trip last month, but we still have another week and a half to get in some pool time! Instead, we've been using our creativity and Baby B used water colors for the first time and loved it!

What I'm dreading: I hate going to the doctor and I have my yearly check up next week. I'm not thrilled but it has to be done..:(

 What I'm working on: Every Fall our church holds a Super Saturday Craft Day for the ladies and I'm helping organize it. It's in October, but we are in full swing making the display crafts and getting it planned!

What I'm excited about: We planned out our site seeing schedule last weekend and I'm so excited to be seeing places on our bucket list for Virginia!

What I'm watching: Nothing lately...there haven't been any shows we have gotten into and it's been kind of nice spending our nights reading and hanging out.

What I'm reading: Blink of an Eye by: Gregg Luke It's a pretty good book so far, I'm a little over halfway done with it. I've never read a mystery book like it, so it has kept it interesting. Read it to find out what I'm talking about:)

What I'm listening to: Baby B and I have been a little obsessed with the Teen Beach 2 songs "That's How We Do" and "Best Summer Ever." We sometimes have dance parties that last an hour listening to these songs!

What I'm wearing: This lovely outfit was featured on Monday. Check out this post for details! The skirt was love at first sight! You need one in your closet!
These are my momiforms from the past few weeks! We have done lots of playing and keeping it casual on the weekdays.
Pants: Kohl's

What I'm doing this weekend: Going to the POOL and relaxing!!

What I'm looking forward to next month: It will be Fall! I can start decorating, eating, and wearing all things fall! Sadly, it will still be summer weather here, but I can make it Fall indoors:)

What else is new: I can't think of anything...

What's your favorite back to school tradition: I can't think of any one in particular my family did, but a daily tradition was that every morning my Mom or Dad would cook us a hot breakfast (pancakes, waffles, french toast, oatmeal, muffins) and then Sundays were the cold cereal days! 

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  1. I am so excited to get to decorate for fall. And Baby B is so cute sitting at the table painting. :)

  2. Baby B is an adorable little Picasso!!! :) And you look so cute in your skirt! So SO cute!!

  3. Those cheez it grooves sound delicious! So excited for Fall :)

  4. is that striped top from old navy? if so i have it and i love it! it goes with so much!

    XO Ellen from Ask Away