Wednesday, April 15, 2015

Gender Revel Party

My friend, Kristen, had her gender ultrasound yesterday! She asked Lauren and I to make her cake for the revel party last night!
She already has a boy and a girl, so everyone was anxious to see what the next child would be.
It's a....

We made a little photo booth where people could either do a blue bow tie or mustache, or a pink crown or lips to guess what they thought the baby's gender was.
Mom-to-be Kristen & Kristen R.
Lauren, Baby B, & I
You've probably seen this cake idea on Pinterest. Here are my tips that we learned from making it!

-We decided to make it a four layer cake(two cake mixes), just so there would be enough room for the m&m's in the middle.

-We used blue frosting in between each layer. Next time I would make it darker because it was kind of hard to see.

-We only cut holes in the two middle layers of the cake. It's best if you cut the holes in the cake on a separate surface.

-Never take a cake out in the rain! The cake in the cutting pictures does look different than the first picture...Lauren and I had a little accident transporting it from houses:)

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  1. Your cake looks perfect! I always wonder how they get all the good stuff in there and you guys did a great job!

  2. What a lovely cake, so nice to get to see how its done! Thanks for sharing -- Romany